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Add a Blog

Keep your Users Informed


Need a Corporate, Organisational or Social Networking Blog?

What benefit can it bring you?

A Blog serves many purposes and can be used to improve and enhance internal communication or convey a culture.

Corporate Blogs are developed to externally market services or products, increase brand awareness or for PR purposes.

Blogs contain commentary or news and events, video (which should be search engine friendly) and imagery to convey your messages.

You can start small and grow your Blog over time.

To find out more about Blogs and the benefits for your organisation, please contact us now on 01491 578 392.

Add a Forum

Encouraging Interaction with your Users


What is a forum and do I need one?

The real benefit is that you have a live site that has user generated content, which contributes to rich content and compliments your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Also it's an online discussion site or message board. People participating in an Internet forum may cultivate social bonds, and interest groups for a topic may form from the discussions.

With word censor features (one of the many features readily available), you can have users post discussions on the forum. If you don't have the resource to have a moderator to keep the forum clean, then this can be accommodated for by getting posts to be approved before they go live.

There are different solutions for different objectives.

To find out more about Forums and the benefits for your organisation, please contact us now on 01491 578 392.

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