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In the recent times social bookmarking has become a tool that can make your presence really felt on the Net. It's easy to use and learn and has now become recognised as a significant business tool.


In fact if you place your links strategically it can lead to better results than many other more traditional sales methods and can spread the message exponentially with comparatively little effort on your part. This can increase traffic and keep visitors coming back.

Tags should be organised and simple making it easy for people to find you. Keep an eye out for similar services with some relevance as this offers the opportunity for cross linking (or cross social bookmarking).

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Social Bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website. It helps you obtain:


  • Many back links.
  • Increased traffic.
  • Google indexed links.

You can interlink the number of social networking sites so that content, imagery and video posted is then sent to all the social networking sites that you are supporting.

This is a method for online users to share, organise, search, and manage resources. Social bookmarking has made the Internet an easier and better place to do business!