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Draw a Pig

Viral Website


The Communications Group.com are recognised as experts in online viral marketing for major brands. Viral marketing is comparatively inexpensive and when done correctly can result in exponential exposure for your branding / products / service / sales. As it continues, it grows - and grows with your links or messages and name being spread all over the Internet.

We created Draw a Pig which exemplifies the power of viral marketing, by enabling users to draw pigs which reveal personality traits of the artist! Our Draw a Pig website now contains over 1,800,000 individual drawings of pigs, laid end-to end they would stretch over 85 miles! With well over 20,000,000 hits and counting. The popularity of the site and its success can be attributed to how viral it is.

We can help provide a compelling, attractive website solution to showcase your products or services in a format that will attract more customers than you could possibly dream of!


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