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The Communications Group


MultiMedia Presentations


GSK have used the Communications Group to produce various brandbooks, multimedia presentations, and commercials including one to launch the HIV drug Trizivir which we produced within a tight time-frame to meet their launch date. We more recently completed a stirring commercial presenting GSK as “Science with a Conscience” to be used both nationally and internationally.

Of particular note were the multimedia product awareness presentation for Trizivir, Glaxo's new drug for HIV, launched with advertisements in the national press and radio. By way of targeting their information directly at doctors, they decided to commission an interactive presentation of the drug's features and circulate it to doctors on a CD-ROM. We designed and produced the presentation within a tight time-frame to meet the launch date.



MultiMedia Presentation / CD Production

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GSK Introductory Sequence


To view one of the introductory sequences we produced for GSK press the play button on the screen to the left.