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Email Marketing

Get your Message Out There

Email marketing is quick to setup, low cost, you can reach out to people instantly and get an instant response, increase brand awareness and nurture prospects.

We provide:

We provide a full service including consultation, design, implementation, management, maintenance and monitoring.

How will we help?

(Ethical) List building strategies for existing customers, new customers and leads.

List management via management system, subscribe boxes for your website and unsubscribe links on emails.

Getting emails delivered and avoiding spam filters and being branded a spammer.

Getting emails opened and read, recognisable from name, email address and compelling subject, relevancy (through copy and segmenting lists) and compelling copy throughout.

Encouraging response, enticing offers, more buttons, clear calls to action.

Getting conversions and tracking to gauge success for improvement and ROI.

Automation. A lot of tasks can be automated, from scheduled emails to delayed auto responders saving you time.

Campaign Management

But How Much does it Cost?


You can purchase Email Campaign Service plans from as little as £10 for 500 emails. You can commit monthly or just pay as you go and volumes purchased are valid for 12 months.

HTML Email Template Creation from as little as £300


  • Know your users provide us your list of contacts and we can analyse email account types and test.
  • CSS or Tables and Inline CSS depending on email addresses.
  • Design.
  • Best practice coding.
  • CSS Styling.
  • Show Links with Span.
  • Have Fallbacks for Images - It is always a good idea to design with the fact that your images will not be displayed.
  • Specify Complete Image URL where appropriate.
  • Install.
  • Import contacts.
  • Set up, database upload (by personalised list), filtering and de-duping contacts.

Campaign Management and Reporting

This is an additional service providing strategic advice, reporting and support for ongoing campaigns.

How do I start?

For an effective Email Marketing Service or to enquire, please contact us now.