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Sales Presentations

Professional MultiMedia Presentations

We capture the visual and auditory attention of the audience.

Professional Multimedia Sales Presentations benefit from the following attributes:

  • Interesting
  • Dynamic
  • Effective
  • Memorable
  • Adding value to your brand
  • Creating tangible ideas and concepts
  • Presenting complex products or services more easily
  • Complements the web or the speaker.
  • Overcomes limited time constraints to present clearly.
  • Engaging and motivating.

We design presentations to either speak for themselves or to assist the speaker with easier access to their ideas and provide the audience with visual information which complements the presenter.

Typically a presentation has many constraints, one of which is the limited time to present consistent information in an engaging way.

Your potential audience are much more likely to remember you, than the scores of companies handing out just point of sales leaflets and catalogues.

What are the Benefits?

Where can they be used?


  • Online
  • One to one presentations
  • Group presentations
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Tutorials
  • Banks and investors
  • Guided tours
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Business interactive tools
  • And, many more

The ability to present richer detail of content and to give a better overview and understanding of complex visual messages and relations is more achievable in a professional visual (and/or audio) presentation.

For effective Sales Presentations or to enquire, please contact us now.

  • Video Production

    Ultima recently commisioned the Communications Group, to shoot and edit a modern fast paced video presentation of their business solutions.

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  • Sales Presentation

    GEA commisioned the Communications Group to produce an advanced sales presentation, including 3D renderings of fly throughs of production lines.

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  • Sales Presentations

    We have produced a number of multimedia products for Compaq including a Cost of Downtime business analysis tool.

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