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We have a proven track record in helping clients turn their internet business ideas into successful and profitable online businesses.

One particular benefit of our e-commerce website solutions is that the creative design of the website is not templated and is therefore unique to your business, allowing you to stand out from the rest of your competition.

Additionally, all the integration needed for acceptance of credit and debit card payments online is all taken care of for you, with a wide selection of supported third party payment gateways.

Our e-commerce solutions are built on robust and scalable platforms providing you with flexible solutions that allow you to pick and choose e-commerce modules as and when your business grows.

The Benefits for you

Our E-Commerce Solutions Offer you:


  • Engaging and creative design.
  • Easy navigation between products and categories.
  • Minimisation of risks by offering online trust and assurances (e.g. return policy and secure payments) to your users.
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.
  • Monitoring and analytics to measure ROI.
  • Robust and scalable solutions.
  • Data feed integration.
  • Multi channel retail solutions.
  • Global multilingual e-commerce solutions.
  • We have experience understanding your e-commerce needs and working to achieve your objectives.

Have a look at the "Essential" and "Bespoke" level examples below, or browse through other examples using the slider bar further down the page.

Regardless of how big or how small a retail website is, all e-commerce sites have the same basic fundamental building blocks that enable them to work. It is then up to you how much extra functionality is added, how many bells and whistles you want!

Essential Level Example

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Choose the Level that Suits you

E-commerce selection of solutions which are all built to each client's specific need:


  • Essential Store - An online solution with the most important functions you need to sell online.
  • Plus Store - This is the Essential Store but packed with many more modules for products, sales, marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) and the administration area.
  • The Deluxe Store - This has more features than Essential and Plus and includes PIN Numbers, Gift Registry, Re-Occurring Billing, Points Rewards, SEO URL Manager, and Dynamic Image Asset Manager.
  • Fully Bespoke Store - This is the Enterprise store adapted to meet individual requirements and incorporates new technologies.

To enquire about the right e-commerce solution for you, ring 01491 578 392 today, or contact us online to discuss your needs.

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Become one of our Success Stories


If you are interested in setting up an online shop, or need an upgrade to your existing E-Commerce solution, or simply want to find out more, ring 01491 578 392 today, or contact us online to discuss your needs.

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    UK E-Commerce

    Jason recently commisioned the Communications Group to update their E-Commerce solution.

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    The Communications Group built the new SoSandwich online store to provide their customers with a convenient online ordering service.

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    Rainha Santa's wonderful array of delicious fine foods from Portugal are now available online!!!

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    Handmade E-Commerce

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    You can even get your own name in a bespoke picture frame delivered to your door!

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