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Film and Video Production

Professional Shooting and Editing Solutions

We provide filming and video production services including multi-camera shoots, computer generated animation, title sequences, broadcast editing facilities and other post-production services.

We can make the video you need based on your screenplays, scripts, concepts, ideas, or needs and then take that video and use it to promote your business effectively.

Professional videos can be used for -

  • Business advertising and commercials
  • Website
  • Educational
  • Tutorial
  • Add importance to presentations for clients, partners or investors
  • Entertainment
  • Viral distribution
  • We handle the complete production, with unlimited support throughout.

For an effective Filming and Video Production campaign or to enquire, please contact us now.

Viral Video Production

Effective Original Sequences

It is designed to generate a great deal of attention about your services and products.

We can create a funny sketch or video whose principle reason is to increase brand recognition.

It will be interesting so users will send it to their friends and families and spread the buzz around.

This is great for video sharing sites like YouTube where it will advertise your products and services for free.

For an effective Viral Video Production campaign or to enquire, please contact us now.

  • Advert Production

    Lights, Cameras, Action!

    We can provide everything needed for full high definition advert production, script writing, casting, lights, venue, makeup, cameramen, directors, and of course all of the post production editing, special effects and sound production to meet your requirements.

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  • Green Screens

    Highlight What you Need

    Our recent 'Cut Carbon Cut Costs' production for the Carbon trust included a day of Green Screen filming, including an auto-cue.

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  • Steady - Cam

    Professional Camera Tracking

    Our recent production for Ultima Business Solutions included steady-cam footage shot on site, to capture Ultima's office and staff in the very best light.

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