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Our showreel provides an overview of the services we offer and features extracts from selected projects. We provide high quality services and a fanatical commitment to our clients in a wide variety of areas.


We are in the business of adding value to those businesses and organisations for which we work and we believe in creating long term and sustainable relationships, as is the case with so many of our current clients.


We are currently in the process of constructing our latest showreel which features some of our more recent projects, and this will be published to this section on completion.

Buck Systems (GEA)

Introductory Sequence


Using a series of 3D models we created an infomercial to show the process used in the making of pharmaceuticals, from powder to tablets. This became the Buck Process Image which featured as the opening sequence to their sales presentation and was used in many other arenas as well.

E-pod Kiosk Presentation

With Infomercial Front End

We created a sequence to bring the E-pod kiosk to life and walk the viewer through a well thought through process of purchasing their cinema tickets. The sequence commences with a short infomercial to set the scene for the presentation ahead.


The design uses a contemporary styling and was extremely effective in conveying the project concept to the target audience.

Save Me For Later

Introductory Sequence


The Communications Group produced the branding, logo and presentation material for SaveMe4Later, a new product for luxury brands to increase sales and product awareness.


The presentation contains two video sequences to show life "with" and "without" the new product, and was instrumental in attracting the support of major retail luxury brands in the project.