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Social Media Marketing and Social Networking may sound fluffy but it's moving fast and it can translate into real benefits for you and your company.

Social media has become appealing to larger businesses. Credible brands are utilising social media to reach old customers, gain new ones and build or maintain credibility and reputation among consumers. In recent years social mediums have grown hugely. This has tremendously increased the number of consumers that companies are able to reach.


Here are some well known ROI examples and success stories, albeit with a somewhat American lean:


  • A Wetpaint/Altimeter Study found companies that are both deeply and widely engaged in social media significantly surpass their peers in both revenue and profit. The study also found the company sales with the highest levels of social media activity grew on average by +18 percent, while those companies with the least amount of social activity saw their sales decline -6 percent.
  • BlendTec, a company who sold kitchen blenders, increased its sales five fold by running the often humorous "Will it Blend" Videos on YouTube, blending everything from an iPhone to a sneaker.
  • During Barack Obama's rise to the White House, he garnered 5 million fans on social media and 5.4 million clicked on an "I voted for Obama" Facebook button. Most importantly this resulted in three million online donors contributing £400 million in fundraising. An astounding 92 percent of the donations were in increments of less than £85.


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  • Web host provider Moonfruit more than recouped its £15,000 social media investment as its Web site traffic soared +300 percent while correspondingly sales increased +20 percent. They also saw a huge lift in their organic search engine rankings getting on the first page for the term "free website builder.


We will provide advice on what social networking is right for you, which sites to join and recommend manageable ongoing procedures to adopt going forward.


This will include some or all of the following elements:


  • Defining goals and objectives.
  • Identifying different corporate department needs.
  • Defining your audience.
  • Researching the most suitable social media platforms.
  • Auditing and galvanising resource.
  • Establishing a protocol.
  • Developing detailed tactics that are best aligned with your objectives.
  • Measuring activity and results.


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