Comms Group now make own brand "YumJam" WordPress Plugins

YumJam Masonry Layout

Easily display WordPress posts or custom post type entries within a tidy masonry style wall layout. A handy shortcode builder allows you to simply and quickly choose your ideal settings and outputs a full shortcode to copy and paste into a page, post or widget.

  • Flexible and customisable
  • Shortcode builder
  • Additional custom post type (Bricks)
  • “Lazy Loading” of post content
  • Several pre-build styles
  • Newspaper and Pintrest style layouts

YumJam Require Login

The Require Login Plugin allows you to easily restrict access to your WordPress site to only users with login credentials, providing functionality perfect for intranets or restricted development sites.

  • Require users to log in
  • Customise login page
  • Redirect users after logging in
  • Custom login logo support
  • Disable password reset and “back” link
  • Disable the admin bar for specific roles
  • Prevent wp-admin access for specific roles

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