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What Would It Be Like If Your Digital Marketing Was Doing All The Hard Work For You?

We help busy companies.

Whether they have good teams in place and simply need a little short-term assistance or even if they need more radical support to get a their digital effectiveness up and running. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Side by Side

Building Strategic Business Partnerships


Established in 1993, the Communications Group has over 20 years experience delivering a combination of Internet, IT, Multimedia and Communications solutions to small and large businesses, non-profits and government organisations.

For many of our clients we represent a key strategic business partner to their organisation.

Our most prominent growth area has been online multimedia business solutions. This has covered a broad range of topics over the years and some of the more noteworthy examples appear in our Interactive History Timeline.

Technology in Action

Use it or Lose Out


Encompassing bespoke and fully featured e-commerce, transactional, e-learning and comparison sites, video, social media, branding, games, infomercials and surveys (to name a selection), it's very probable that we may have experience in the area in which you are interested.


This gives us the competitive edge in our industry, so we can give you the competitive edge over yours.

Please browse our website for a more comprehensive description of each area, or give us a call on 01491 578 392