IT Support

Complete End to End IT Solutions and Support Services

IT hardware, software, networking, backup, disaster recovery and support for companies with over 5 employees.

Inherently we are very customer focused. We believe in listening to our customers, and providing them with only what they need, rather than throwing the newest and most expensive technology at them. Person to person contact, building long-term relationships with our clients is an important part of our objectives.

Each business has different requirements and we propose sensible, structured solutions to meet your specific needs.

Understanding how they work requires intimate knowledge of a huge range of different disciplines, from cabling and network design through networking protocols, switches and routers and on to hardware, operating systems and applications.

Network Consultation

Relevant diagrams will provide clarity and demonstrate the structure of data flow, storage of information, backup and what best practice solutions can be implemented to support your business.

Highly Secure Speed Data and Voice (VOIP) Networks – Our approach includes design and installation of structured cabling solutions, which is secure and a reliable backbone for your critical business systems.

High quality structured cabling solutions, where we can design and install Category 5e and Category 6 Voice and Data systems.

We install Fibre Optic, FTTC, FTTP and SIP trunks (VOIP), which will integrate with your existing cabling to provide a complete solution.

We can also extend your local area networks by utilising wireless systems or by interconnection over hard wired lines.

Hardware, software and installation: appropriately powered servers, PCs, Apple Macs and printers, can be specified in order to best serve your business needs, along with recommendation and installation of appropriate software, peripherals.

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